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Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do

I can’t pretend to write this article from a non-biased place. I mean it would be completely inaccurate and unfair for me to come to you as if I can actually make a fair commentary on the subject of Taylor Swift. I could try of course, and it would probably hurt me to delve into the mind of the masses when it comes to talking about a person who is loved and hated in equal measure. So - to spare myself the heartbreak that is often the inspiration behind some of Taylor’s most famous tales, I am just going to write about things on this matter as I see it, and you can take that view with as many pinches of salt as you wish. (In the top cabinet to the left.)

You may not have even noticed, but in the past year, there has been a Taylor Swift drought. After all the hate she received in 2016 (we will get back to that later), she just decided that she was over-exposed, obviously not in the most positive way, and bowed out from the public eye. There was no more pictures of her cute cats spamming our feeds, no perfectly poised candids of her outfits… nothing.

If any other celebrity who is not at Taylor Swift status (and you have to admit, there are not many ather level) had done the same thing, perhaps no one would have cared. I mean it was to be expected that her legions of fans would go into mourning - we literally all had to have long conversations about her hair length to keep us entertained - but what about the media? Even though we were in a Taylor drought, with not a single new nugget of information emerging on the horizon, somehow the media were still interested. Every day there was some old piece of news dug up and revived to keep us all going (positive and negative) and then of course there was that period where the whole world was on the lookout for the star with “Where is Taylor Swift?” headlines bolstered across the banners of top news sites. And then we all heard about the suitcase conspiracy…

Then we come to today, Taylor Swift is back on the scene, badder and bolder than ever before. We all wondered what could possibly follow the success, and indeed the love, that truly encapsulated the 1989 era. After all the hate she received in 2012/3 over her now infamous involvement with teen heartthrob Harry Styles, it was finally a time when the #TaylorSwiftDefenseSquad could take a pause. Of course there were still the people that hated her just to hate her but as she had so poetically put it ‘haters gonna hate’…

They had finally run out of ammunition and there seemed to be no where but up for the infamous Miss Swift. Then, in comes the Kardashian Klan… I won’t even bother spieling off that particular ‘famous’ tale but that is when Taylor went from sweetheart to snake in the eyes of the masses, and the hate began.

When the news broke, Taylor issued a statement saying that she wished to be ‘excluded from the narrative’ but now she is claiming it back. With a vampy new image and looks that could kill, Taylor is no longer willing to accept the snake like status anymore. Well she is, but on her own terms.

In her own words - the old Taylor Swift is dead. Instead she has been replaced by a stronger, fiercer woman who is not prepared to take anyone’s BS.

For me, and for many of Taylor’s dedicated Swifties this is one hell of a drastic change. Some are calling it the cliché ‘good girl gone bad’ move - but I don’t agree. She may have declared the old Taylor as dead, but perhaps she is referring to the part of her that allowed herself be trampled over. She is willing to emerge from the ashes of such a media burning as a new woman who is willing to come back with a bang.

I find hilarity in the fact that those who laughed and called her the snake that Kanye and Kim declared her to be now have to live with the fact that she now profits from that association. (She literally has snake related merchandise on her site now) Of course, you can never win, as people are still hating her in their masses - now judging her for fighting back. (And admittedly, I do wish it could all be kept in the past myself)

If she came out all sad and weepy - ‘oh look she’s playing the victim again, typical Taylor’.
But because she has come out with all guns blazing, people are labelling her as pathetic for holding on to old grudges…

I mean, I think that this era is going to be one hell of a ride. But I do hope that the sweet, kind girl that I loved and supported since 2011 is still in there. Truly I think that she is, and that this badass persona is a more ‘method acting’ version of the Blank Space crazy character she played with in the last era. I don’t want this whole thing just to be about old feuds and revenge - I would rather that she stands up for herself, and then re-writes her public persona once more.

At the end of the day, love her or hate her, you have to give it to her… she doesn’t do anything in halves.

Here’s to the next era of Taylor Swift. I look forward to riding the waves of the love and hate that follows her around…at least I’ll be doing it to a catchy beat.

Leaving the Leaving

Leaving the Leaving