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College Fears

College Fears

Another college related post, are you surprised? I hope that you don’t get bored of all of this kind of content! But I guess I am bringing you along on all of my experiences as I go through them and I guess that you can just thank your lucky stars that I am finally done my leaving cert!

Here’s to the next era of blog content… college content!

So before it all starts and I get fully immersed in it all… and you know, begin to even have a grasp of what it is all about - let’s discuss my fears about the dawn of this new age.

1. Did I choose the right course?

I have always wanted to do English, which many people think is such a bizarre choice. But, I want to pursue some career in the ever changing media world and didn’t want to go down the straight forward journalism route.

But what if I don’t love English quite as much as I think? Or if I find it boring or too constricted?

2. No familiarity

As much as I often love to deny it, I do love my home… in my way. It’s comforting to be surrounded by familiarity (not forever but hey). I know that I whine that everything stays the same, but at least I know what I’m dealing with. No curveballs, nothing.

Now I am being thrown into the big bad world and I don’t know what lies around the next corner. Nothing is familiar and nothing is safe.

But in a way, this is a fear and an exciting prospect… So we’ll have to see with this one.

3. No friends


Once again, this is kind of double sided coin. An exciting prospect but also one of my greatest fears.

I’m critically aware of what others think of me, and am more likely to think that people will hate me before I think that people will like me. Maybe this isn’t just a college problem but a problem that I face in general. Guess I’m just baring my soul to you again, shocker.

4. Expense

I may have been buried in study for a few months but I did not miss the headlines about how frickin’ expensive it is to live in Dublin at the moment.

And I’m guessing that freshers week won’t be cheap either.

5. Job


Just the fact that I have to get one.

Not that I don’t want one, or think that I won’t be capable of keeping one… just a different experience once again!

6. Happiness

Isn’t it a constant fear? I just want my college experience to be as gratifying as everyone insists it will be.

But join the party over here, and follow along as I begin to conquer these fears...




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