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The age old phrase 'don't judge a book by it's cover' has, and probably will always be, relevant. But as accurate as it is, it can do with a little bit of an update, in my circumstances at least. (I don't mean to make myself sound special, I'm sure many of you are similar to me as well!)

In my case, and in the case of many people out there with blogs or YouTube channels or the like; I think perhaps the phrase deserves to be updated to allow for a lack of judgement when it comes to our online personas. Yes, I do spill a lot of my inner most feelings on the internet (I am the definition of an open book honestly) but that doesn't mean you know everything about me. And yes, I do chat (perhaps too much) to you all via my YouTube channel, but that doesn't mean you have actually spoken to me.

This all sounds like a very millennial and melodramatic complaint. Very rom-com cliché of 'you have no idea who I really am'. But honestly I don't care to be that deep about it!

I guess I'm just stating what I consider to be quite an obvious concept. Even if you don't have a blog or a YouTube (and if you do, please tell me about them, I'd love to see them!) - we all, bar the rare few, have some sort of online presence. For some this is a manicured medium that we use as a type of business, while others have it purely for the pleasure of posting.

Whatever the case, you can bet that, no matter the cute pics that litter your feed, they barely scratch the surface of who you really are. 

Of course this is not my confession that I am projecting a false persona to you all (quite the opposite) but it is just a little reminder that, if you do ever meet me in person, I probably am quite different from what you might expect? Once again, it sounds like I am trying to express my desire to be recognised as a very complex individual... and from this post alone, you probably think that I sound like a bit of an ass... but that isn't true! (Some would disagree but I ask you to trust me on this one!)

We all project a persona, or an ideal image of ourselves online, and that is completely normal and okay. But, for the time being at least, I am kind of keeping my online persona away from my new college classmates. It's not out of embarrasment and shame for what I do - in many ways I am quite proud of the platform that I have built for myself - but I would like to give myself the opportunity to live without the cliche 'blogger' title for a bit and just go with the flow.

That is of course until I want to hike up the views on my latest YouTube video... lol.

So as for a cute and catchy updated spin on the phrase 'don't judge a book by it's cover' - I haven't come up with something that will go down in the history books quite yet! My attempts range from 'don't judge a YouTuber by their thumbnail' or 'don't judge a blogpost by it's title'. Both of which are so CRINGY that I can hardly believe that I typed that.

So maybe you can judge me a little for that one...

Zoë x




College Fears

College Fears