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Best of Beauty | Grammy's 2018

Best of Beauty | Grammy's 2018

Back in the day on the blog I used to do Style Recaps of all the major fashion looks on the red carpet. Of course, in true E! Fashion, there was always a best and worst dressed and perhaps I got a little excited concocting my insults for some of the most outlandish ensembles. (Sorry Madge) 

But, since I myself spend hours applying my face every morning before college, I thought that the beauty world of the Grammy’s now deserved a bit of my attention. And, who knows, if I ever decide to stray from my tried and true winged liner and big falsies look, maybe I could look back on this for a lil bit of inspiration. 

In which I may fail miserably… and I could possibly turn into the Taylor Swift crying meme, but I digress. 

Au Natural

This by far was the most common look on the carpet (and has been since Marc Jacobs sent his models bare-faced down the runway a few years ago) - and is basically what we all aim for on a day to day basis. 

However, we all don't seem to have the natural glow that radiates from the likes of Miley. I am one of the many who are delighted that she has finally shed her unicorn horn crazy ways, and allowed her natural beauty to shine through. 

For the Grammy's it literally looks like she just has a touch of foundation and a swipe of mascara on - leaving her gorgeous smile to do all the major work. Perhaps, more so for the others looks I picked out, there is a lot more makeup actually involved; but the natural beauty vibe is something that I will forever say yes too. 

Bright & Bold

As a step away from the 'undone' look; there was also a selection of bold colour choices that I am absolutely obsessed with! 

I really truly wish I was brave enough to have a swipe of colour across my lids (maybe one day); but maybe, if you're like me, Janelle Monet's look is definitely more up your street. 

I don't mean to be critical of anyone's look considering that I wouldn't be brave enough to tackle it myself; but Hailee's would be my least favourite. The colour, although a teal, looks almost faded and silvery rather than having the sizzling impact like Bebe Rexha's vibe. And, once again, I can't talk but maybe she Hailee could lay off the tan a little. 

Hollywood Glamour

I guess that Hollywood Glamour is quite a broad category; but I see it as a balance between the two above. Still keeping it very simple but with a little twist to give it something a little more red carpet worthy. 

Slightly more run of the mill would be Rita Ora; with the classic matte skin, bold vampy lip and simple eyes to balance it all out. Lorde is channeling that 'Miley glow' but matched her gorgeous red gown (very red dancer emoji) with an equally vibrant lip. We've all seen it before; but Melodrama deserves justice for Album of the Year, so right now I can't fuss over it. 

The winner here has to be Lana Del Ray; a total Gucci goddess who can rock this "cut your b**ch" liner like no one else

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