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Influencer Issues

Influencer Issues

Influencers, Influencers, Influencers.

They're like a Micheal Kors Bag; absolutely everywhere.

I mean what can I really say? I'm entering that whole world without batting an eyelid. It's the future, and if you have any hand in content creation or even exist in this social media orientated world, you know that Influencers are big news.

I have no problem with it as I think it is simply part of the expansion of the media world. Advertisers now believe that it's more worthwhile to invest in an instagram post with an influencer than a full page spread with a magazine. At least with the power of an influencer, who has a set following, you are almost guranteed to get a return. People relate to these social stars, grow attached to them appearing on their feeds, and take advice and counsel from them like they would from their best friend.

I myself am fond of various influencers that are dispersed through the digital world. And even though I still am at the disposal of celebrities like good ol' Taylor Swift; I am more likely to buy something that a digital star wears or uses. This is because a) it is likely to be more afforable and b) it is more likely to relate to me.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, you don't want to feel like these people are just being used as an advertising tool to sell to you. But if they can seamlessly balance being your 'friend' and being the new best form of advertisement... Influencers are on to a win. *cha-ching*

The whole influencer game only arose in the last few years. Before, many of these people were just blogging, posting or filming within the confines of their bedrooms. Now, due to their power, they are being thrown out into the real world; getting invites to events and the like, where *shock horror* they actually have to communicate with other human beings beyond the parameters of a mobile phone.


This poses a problem. Some of these 'influencer' type people due to the rapidness of their success, which was in correlation with the general rise of 'influencers', never actually had to hold real jobs or did they ever have to enter social situations like college or the like. This can leave them floundering when their social status online forces them to cross the barrier in to the real world.

I have been to a few of these 'blogger' events in my time, and spoken to people who are regular staples at many of these shows etc, and they agree with me. Some of these people, even though their social media is what makes them powerful, completely lack social skills. As in they literally stare blankly at you when you try and conduct a normal conversation that doesn't take place in their instagram mentions.


Others will speak to you in order to see can you give them clout based on your own following. And generally, if you don't have a lot of followers or the like, then you're out. As in some literally stop talking to you.

They say to 'never meet your idols' and I think this may be the best policy to follow when dealing with some of the number one 'instagram models' out there. Some people's personalities really do only survive through the medium of a screen. These are the ones that won't make it when the media world decides to flip and expand again...

The ones that will make it (or at least I hope will make it), are the genuine ones. The ones who are the same online as they are in person, who work hard for their success and who choose to remain as humans, not just robots.

Where do I fit in? I guess we'll have to let you decide that one.

Zoë x



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