What do you want to see? 



I have a few catchphrases to my name at this point. All incredibly generic obviously; ranging from 'lol' and 'it's all g' to new ones I've adopted, like calling everything 'wee' or just responding 'classic' to various scenarios that are presented to me. Unfortunately though, my most common phrase (if anyone happens to keep a catalog) seems to simply be 'I don't know'. 

I would like to think that this does not stem from a low intelligence level (some may disagree there) but rather an inability to make decisions or such an intense desire to please, that I find myself becoming pretty placid, happily going along with whatever everyone else wants. But, despite my failings and occasional inability to stand up for what I want or what I believe in (usually just to make life easier on myself), I don't think there is anything more attractive than someone who is passionate about something. 

There is nothing as fascinating, or sometimes as touching, as watching someone talk about one of their passions. To watch someone become so animated and hyper that they almost twitch with excitement as they detail every intricacy of whatever it is they adore. No one can recreate that sparkle in someones eye that people get during these precious moments. 

I genuinely never care what it is that inspires these emotions; it could be sport, it could be music or it could be something I have absolutely no interest in. But it is the way that a person glows when they speak of it which allows me to be whisked away in it all just as they are. 

Perhaps one of the most touching occasions of this indescribable glow occurs when a boy or girl begins to describe their significant other... But I guess that glow is another kind of passion that we can leave for another day. 

Watching others light up while describing their various loves and passions, made me wonder what my passion was, what made me speak in such a way. Leaving the way I speak about whatever crush I have at the time aside, I think that blogging and writing will always get me going like that. Or perhaps more recently, if anyone spoke to me about the 8th referendum, the same passionate emotions were most definitely stirred. 


I do think that such passionate conversations are severely lacking in the millennial society these days though. Perhaps it is just that everyone is so focused on being 'chill' that sometimes what people really care about can be shoved to the side in favour of such a persona. There's nothing worse than seeing someone begin to speak about something, which obviously means so much to them, and just as they getting into it, they stop dead in their tracks. Instead converting their energy into a long apology for annoying someone with such topics. 

From experience, being chill isn't everything. I would rather encounter someone who gets so passionate and excited about something that you get to watch them get lost in their own thoughts, a massive smile breaking across their face.

Someone without a passion or a hobby who just nods along to everything is as dull as dishwater, and makes for just as damp a conversation. 

I don't care if you go on about your love of memes for an hour; just to see your face light up is enough for me. Passion is key to personality, and personality is often the most attractive thing about someone. 

So you could say that I'm passionate about people being passionate... and I guess that's something.