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Skincare Routine 2015

Happy to say that I have managed to get my skin under control lately - it's not perfect and probably never will be - but I have accepted that I will always get breakouts and have scarring and that's okay. 

However, I thought that you might want to know what I have been using lately and what might help clear up your skin. Technically, it is sort of a miracle that I managed to get some products together that work because I don't even know my skin type... 

BUT I do know the basics - and Tea Tree seems to be such a help for my skin. Lush and The Body Shop has such an amazing range at such a low price, and it works so well for me. I know that if you spend money on anything, it should be on your skin, but if the cheaper stuff works, then even better. 

Anyway, I chat about it all as well announcing SUPER EXCITING in this video - so click and watch away :) 

There won't be a video tomorrow unfortunately, but I will do my very best to keep this blog more updated so you can still be as nosy as you want... 

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Christmas Party Makeup Look

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