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How I Edit My Instagram Photos

A couple of you have been asking how have I been editing my instagram photos recently. So I decided to do a whole video dedicated to it. 

Also I realised that sometimes it can be a little hard to see what I am actually using so below I listed out the apps I used as well as some of my most common settings. I am thinking of changing my theme again soon to something that is a little less high maintenance. 

And maybe lets me post more photos than just the ones that require a white background. In this case I will probably move on to some VSCO Cam filters.. But I am still too attached to this one right. 

Apps Mentioned in the above video

Aviary: This is the main app that I use and it is completely free (HUGE BONUS POINTS). I use the brightness tool, along with the highlights tool. Then I whiten the hell out of it before beginning the process again; this keeps happening until I am happy with the finished result. 

Squaready: I use borders because I think it gives my theme some continuity, and I use the third setting which is still a pretty thick border. You have to have your pictures already cropped square before you can make them look like mine. Or else they will retain their original shape. 

That's all...  

Hope you will be inspired by my theme :) 

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